The time I blew off my main spirit guides


Spirit guides can be met in the most spiritual or embarassing of situations in my case. See a couple months ago, I though it was time to get to know them. Before bed, I set a strong intention to meet one of mys spirit guides and as my eyes drifted into a cozy slumber, mi mind went off to dream land. This time however, I was lucid dreaming (or perhaps astral projecting). I was very aware I was not in real life, and I was in some sort of cool antique, deserted city as I walked around. I took a lot of mental pictures, so I could remember it all in the morning.

I came across a field, cemetary on one side, a forest on the other. I stopped, tired and a bit confused, so I decided to say “spirit guides, let your selves be shown to me.” Out of the earth rose two strange figures. One was a ram wearing a dark cloak… next to him was the grim reaper? Now instead of trying to form a conversation, I was so puzzled by the uncharacteristic appearances so I remember muttering “what the fuck…” under my breath, promptly  backing away. As I Irish Exited out of there I  thought to myself, I definitely need to look this up on Google when I  wake back up… The rest of the dream was uneventful, but I felt a little guilty not trying to speak to them. We could have made friendship bracelets you know?  Toasted marshmellows?

Next morning, I hit up Wikipedia and using the clues I gathered from their appearances, and general intuition, I confirmed one guide and was surprised by the other ( the Grim Reaper was Azrael).

So I hope they have forgiven me after that (I left Hermes – the ram- some strawberry candies and Azrael some mini chocolates). All is good between us now ;-).


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