The Power of Intention – How I Lost Lots of Weight on Bread, Cheese and Basically all Dieting No No’s.

Once you learn about the incredible power of sheer willing and intentions, you will be amazed at how awesome this universe is. Take for example my weight. For years ever since I was 15 or 16 I weighted 135 pounds. And for literally 4 years I tried every single diet and exercise routine I could do to shed even some pounds. The lowest i ever got was 128 pounds, and that was weeks into a 500 calorie a DAY diet. My thought pattern revolved around how much I needed to lose this weight, how horrible I looked in the mirror, and how worthless and gross I was based on what the scale dictated. Then after doing some inner belief work and finding the amazing Kelli Cooper’s blog/podcast something shifted.
For the first time ever, this had nothing to do with my weight. I looked in the mirror and the scale, and thought, there is NOTHING wrong with what I looked like. Nothing, I could be 100 lbs heavier and I would have the same love and respect for myself at 100 pounds less. So essentially in the same months it would have taken to cut calories and adopt an excessive cardio routine, lose some then regain it, I decided to put all my energy and focus into this cultivating this one intention and belief.

“ I will lose weight regardless of how much or what I eat because I make it so. I let go of this desire into the void”

The next thing I did was, hold on to the energy vibrational state of being my dream weight without having to actually be there. So I thought to myself, hmm what would “lower weight” me eat and do?

The answer? Healthy food obviously… but then the rest of the answer surprised me also… cakes and cookies and pizza and burgers with lots of fries!
Actually, I thought to myself, I would eat all of that without feeling bad knowing I can maintain my dream weight

Defying all conventional wisdom and logic, I ate that way. I ate tons of bread and cheese and junk food,  and the energy I would have spent berating myself was instead transferred back to strengthening

“ I will lose weight regardless of how much or what I eat because I make it so. I let go of this desire into the void”

Naturally, I lost appetite for fizzy drinks and a lot of junk food, but not completely. There were even days and weeks where I would emotionally overeat, so I didn’t even utilize the portion control tool BUT but I kept feeding that one belief.

Two months later I was 15 lbs lighter without a hint of effort (I still had my midnight snacks ) and dropping my exercise routine.

But once again I sincerely, deeply believed the statement without a doubt in my mind. The same way if you asked me what color the sky would be tomorrow and with unwavering certainty that I say BLUE! (provided it was not raining). That is the most important part. Unless you can believe that way, it is best to work with your current brief system.
See the fabulous Kelli Cooper really delves in deep in this whole action vs energy concept. And for me, it worked beautifully.

*** edit I meant beers but hey drinking bears is also pretty metal.


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