A Meditation Playlist Full of Metal and Rock Music // Spirituality on Your Terms Series P.I

I remember I took this world religions class with this quirky, offbeat Christian professor who explained meditation in the best way possible.  Find an activity or action that allows a calm, serene and focused find, anything from  breathing lotus position to cooking your favorite meal!

The first thing that popped into my mind was listening to music I like! So to meditate, I make my room pitch black , put my headphones on to Wefightfail by Aerolyn and focus solely on Kellin Quinn’s voice as he croons “…just do the right thing… open up your eyes and let me in”. All of a sudden, I feel so connected and full of source I usually cry.

Some of my most successful invocations have also been with music from punk metal bands such as Ghost Town and Bad Omens. For instance with Mother of Magic Hekate, I use the song The Worst in Me and really concentrate on the epic riffs and melodies that really put me in the mood for meeting a goddess and traveling through the underworld. It is truly a magical trance inducing piece of melodic art, and I love listening to it around black candles and crystals.

Working on my self love, I relied heavily on putting Goo Goo Doll’s Iris as a song from my higher self to my earthly self , on endless repeat  under a full moon surrounded by pink candles.  I would also do this with some heavier songs like Sing to Me by Before Their Eyes. Again any powerful love song that really tugged my heartstrings.

Put on whatever music you fell allows the clearest most direct connection with source!  Music is one of the most beautiful forms of consciousness. It works as a great shortcut to be in the vibration you wish. Choose the songs that personally resonate with and your intention the most. So If R Kelly or Nickleback somehow get you in a spiritual mood then let it be! let it be let it be.

If you want to take a listen here is mine and I hope you make a super wacky unconventional meditation playlist too 🙂





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